CKD Landfill Groundwater Remediation

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Installation of:
    - Deep subsurface drainage system
    - 60 mil HDPE liner (80,000 sf)
    - Dosing syphon & holding tank
  • Earthwork
    - Construction and HDPE lining of a 900,000 gal. retention pond
    - Excavation and grading of 60,000 cubic yards of saturated soils
    - Installation of a pump station pit requiring intricate steel sheeting
  • Maintaining of high pH site dewatering needs
    - Installation of a 250,000 gal Modutank
    - Importation of large scale fleet of water storage containers and dewatering equipment
    - Trucking and Disposal of High pH water off site
  • Other
    - HASP implementation and oversight
    - Work plan development

Major Project Contaminants:

  • High pH water

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • NYSDEC time constraints
  • Adverse and inclement weather conditions as project was advanced during the winter months
  • Unanticipated volumes of groundwater

Location: Greene County, NY
Owner: Cement Industry
Project total: $3,100,000