Harbor Point MGP Site

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Expedited construction of a 5 acre holding cell over an abandoned MGP site
  • Installation of 62,880 VSF of water tight steel sheeting
  • Offsite disposal of 80,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil
  • Regular loading of over 100 haul trucks per day to sustain scheduling parameters
  • Implementation of odor / dust control means and methods
  • Responsible for collection and treatment of contaminated groundwater
  • Installation of (12) 60’ deep collection wells
  • Installation of a 650,000 gal Modutank
  • Placement of a 2 acre geosynthetic clay liner
  • Deployment of a construction pontoon boat to skim NAPLs from adjacent navigable waters
  • Dredging support tasks
  • Site specific work plan and a HASP implemented

Major Project Contaminants:

  • Coal Tar
  • VOCs
  • SVOCs

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Extremely aggressive schedule  
  • Mass dewatering / treatment requirements

Location: Utica, NY
Owner: International Utility Company
Engineer: O’Brien & Gere Engineers
Project total: $12,000,000