Baltimore: Closure of 1.5 MG Oil/Water Seperator

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Decommissioning of an oil water separator
  • Treatment and discharge of approximately 1 million gallons of petroleum contaminated water 
  • Consolidation and excavation of 3,000 CY of contaminated sediment using vermiculite
  • Removal of sediment from separator and pressure-washed separator walls and floors
  • Repair damaged concrete
  • Demolition of concrete/steel vaults and removal of internal structures
  • Backfill and cap separator with 10,000 CY of fill and 12 inch clay cap 

Major Project Contaminants:

  • VOCs
  • SVOCs


  • Aggressive project time constraints 

Location: Baltimore, MD
Owner: International Energy Company 
Engineer & Construction Manager: SPEC Consulting 
Project total: $600,000