East Pharsalia

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Cleared 25 acres of a wooded site
  • Stripping and stockpiling of soil
  • Construction of Water Treatment Building
  • Construction of access roads
  • Installation of underground utilities
  • Removal and staging of 30,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil
  • Paving of soil staging areas
  • Excavation, soil blending, and backfilling of contaminated areas
  • Installation of in-situ bioremediation and SVE system
  • Full site restoration

Major Project Contaminants:

  • VOCs
  • SVOCs
  • Heavy Metals

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Aggressive schedule
  • Limited site access
  • Extremely remote location

Location: East Pharsalia, NY
Owner: Pharmaceutical Industry 
Engineer: Fluor-Daniel GTI
Project total: $1,100,000