North Adams, MA: Remediation of PCB soils

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Install 250 LF of steel sheeting to separate work zone from river
  • Clear, grub, and remove of material from Hoosick River and along river bank
  • Removal of over 10,000 CY of impacted PCB  and heavy metals soils
  • Construct 70-ft temporary truck scale station for loaded disposal trucks
  • Construction of a cofferdam
  • Screen soils for PCB-containing capacitors
  • Capacitors manually cleaned and packaged for disposal
  • Install 50,000 SF HDPE liner
  • Backfill channel while controlling water displacement
  • Site restoration

Major Project Contaminants:

  • PCBs
  • Heavy Metals

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Dynmic river work

Location: North Adams, MA

Owner: Insurance Industry 
Engineer: Blasland, Bouck and Lee (Arcadis)
Project total: $850,000