Rome Remedial Action Phase III – Sheeting Portion

Major Project Tasks:    

  • Constructed a permanent 60,000 VSF barrier wall to prevent offsite migration of contaminants at a former Manufactured Gas Plant
  • 1,200 linear feet barrier wall was constructed using Waterloo Barrier
  • Steel sheets were driven to depths of 50 feet below ground surface
  • Implemented strict quality control program during installation of the Waterloo Barrier; Joints of the sheets were inspected, cleaned and grout sealed

Major Project Contaminants:

  • Coal Tar
  • VOCs
  • SVOCs

Significant Project Obstacles:

  • Sheeting was performed underneath and within close proximity to 150KV transmission lines
  • Splicing of sheets was necessary to safely accomplish the installation of the sheets
  • Interception of unmarked subsurface utilities 

Location: Rome, NY
Owner: International Utility Company
Engineer: Arcadis
Project total: $2,000,000